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At Van Damme, we use only the finest materials in the manufacture of our cables. Below are a few of the materials we use, and why we use them...

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Tour Grade Classic XKE Miniature Starquad Back

Based on the proven Van Damme 6.00mm Classic Starquad, this miniature version features the same conductors but has a helical lapped copper screen for greater flexibility. Its overall diameter of 4.85mm makes it ideal for bantam adaptor cables, short patch cords and boom microphone cables. The starquad construction ensures excellent rejection of EM and RF interference.

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  • Microphone level signals in electrically harsh environments; particularly in outside broadcasts and the film industry
  • Also suitable for line level analogue balanced audio
  • Ideal for boom microphone cables and short patchcords
Application notes
  • Precise cable geometry and starquad construction for excellent rejection of radio frequency and electromagnetic interference (RFI and EMI)
  • Starquad colour coding – white & white (+ve phase) with blue & blue (-ve phase) opposing; pairs should be terminated as shown
  • Helical lapped copper screen for optimal flexibility
  • Combination of silver plated and plain ultra pure oxygen free copper conductors for unsurpassed sound quality
Mechanical specification
Conductor Material Bare silver plated ultra pure oxygen free copper wire
  Stranding 7 x 0.08mm
  Material Bare ultra pure oxygen free copper wire
  Stranding 32 x 0.08mm
Insulation Material XLPE Cross linked polyethylene
  Diameter 1.20mm ±0.10
  Colour coding 2 x white 2 x blue
Cabling Type Starquad
  Lay length ~25mm
Screen Type 80 x 0.10mm braided tinned oxygen free copper wire
Jacket Material Flexible PVC/Neoprene composite RAL 9005 Jet Black
  Average thickness 0.50mm
  Overall diameter 4.85mm ±0.15
Physical properties unaged
Jacket (at 60ºC) Tensile strength >8N/mm2
  Elongation >250%
  Heat shock test 120 ºC x 1 hour - no cracks
  Test voltage 1000 Vdc x 1 minute OK
Electrical characteristics
Resistance Conductor Ohm/Km <95
  Insulation M Ohm/Km >5000
Capacitance Core to core pF/m 50 nominal
  Core to screen pF/m 95 nominal
Characteristics by stock code
Stock code 268-029-000
Description Van Damme Tour Grade Classic XKE Miniature Starquad
Jet Black
RAL code 9005
Weight Kg/km 34
Reel lengths 100m

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