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At Van Damme, we use only the finest materials in the manufacture of our cables. Below are a few of the materials we use, and why we use them...

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Reduced OD Console cable Back

Van Damme reduced OD console cable was originally developed in conjunction with 2 of the UK’s best known mixing console manufacturers. This low overall diameter foil screened twisted pair is ideal for very high density wiring looms where size and weight are a major consideration – for example in complex patching systems and analogue audio wiring in outside broadcast vehicles.

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  • For mic and line level analogue balanced audio
  • Very high density internal rack, patch panel and OB vehicle wiring looms
  • Installations not requiring LSZH jacket materials
Application notes
  • Foil screen bonded to the outer jacket for a one strip operation when preparing
  • Available in 2 colours for application coding
  • Lowest possible overall diameter for high density wiring applications
  • Ultra pure oxygen free copper for outstanding sonic integrity
Mechanical specification
Conductor Material Bare ultra pure oxygen free copper wire
  Stranding 28 x 0.10mm
Insulation Material Polyolefin
  Diameter 1.00mm ±0.10
  Colour coding Red, Black
Cabling Type Twisted pair
  Lay length 25mm
Screen Type 24µm Aluminium/polyester foil >150% coverage
  Drain wire 7 x 0.20 (0.22mm2) AWG 24/7
Jacket Material Flexible PVC/Neoprene composite
  Average thickness 0.40mm
  Overall diameter 2.70mm ±0.15
Physical properties unaged
Jacket (at 60ºC) Tensile strength >12.5N/mm2
  Elongation >100%
  Heat shock test 120 ºC x 1 hour – no cracks
  Test voltage 1000 Vdc x 1 minute OK
Electrical characteristics
Resistance Conductor Ohm/Km <90
  Insulation M Ohm/Km >2500
Capacitance Core to core pF/m 50 nominal
  Core to screen pF/m 100 nominal
Characteristics by stock code
Stock code 268-000-000
Description Van Damme Console cable jet black
RAL code 9005
Weight Kg/km 14
Reel lengths 500m
Stock code 268-000-080
Description Van Damme Console cable blue grey
RAL code 7031
Weight Kg/km 14
Reel lengths 500m




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