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At Van Damme, we use only the finest materials in the manufacture of our cables. Below are a few of the materials we use, and why we use them...

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Silver Series Session Grade instrument cable Back
The Silver Series range comprises 3 unbalanced instrument cables engineered to have three specific capacitances. They are primarily for use for guitar and bass guitar to amplifier applications. The construction of these cables utilises a no compromise approach to materials and electrical characteristics; consequently flexibility is not a priority and these cables are aimed at recording rather than live performance.

The range comprises the following cables:
  • Lo-Cap 55: 55 p/F per metre. Low capacitance figure gives low high frequency roll off
  • Flat-Cap 90: 90 p/F per metre. Mid range capacitance figure gives average high frequency roll off
  • Hi-Cap 125: 125 p/F per metre. Higher capacitance figure gives more high frequency roll off
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  • Within this range of cables capacitance is being used to produce different high frequency roll offs which affects the sound of the source instrument at its destination amplifier. Given the relatively low output level of a passive guitar pickup the cable can act as a high frequency roll off filter
  • The exaggerated capacitive effects of these cables are only relevant with the comparatively low output level of passive guitar pick ups – the use of high output level active pickups will reduce the difference between these three cables
  • Overall capacitive effects will of course change over distance; a 10m  Lo-Cap 55 cable would have a total capacitance of 550 pF as would a 4.4 metre Hi-Cap 125. Shorter lengths (up to 5 metres) are recommended for these cables but where a longer run is required a lower capacitance cable should be considered for use
Mechanical specification
Conductor Material Bare silver plated ultra pure oxygen free copper wire
  Lo-Cap 55 0.49mm2
  Flat-Cap 90 0.29mm2
  Hi-Cap 125 0.63mm2
  Lo-Cap 55 7 x 9 x 0.10mm
  Flat-Cap 90 37 x 0.10mm
  Hi-Cap 125 50 x 0.127mm
Insulation Material Foamed Polyethylene
  Lo-Cap 55 6.00mm
  Flat-Cap 90 2.55mm
  Hi-Cap 125 2.70mm
Screen 1 Type Conductive thermoplastic
  Average thickness  
  Lo-Cap 55 0.30mm
  Flat-Cap 90 0.30mm
  Hi-Cap 125 0.30mm
Screen 2 Type Bare silver plated ultra pure oxygen free copper wire
  Lo-Cap 55 24x10x0.10mm
  Flat-Cap 90 16x8x0.12mm
  Hi-Cap 125 16x8x0.12mm
Jacket Material Flexible clear PVC
  Average thickness  
  Lo-Cap 55 0.75mm
  Flat-Cap 90 1.20mm
  Hi-Cap 125 1.10mm
  Overall diameter  
  Lo-Cap 55 8.50mm
  Flat-Cap 90 6.00mm
  Hi-Cap 125 6.00mm
Physical properties unaged
Jacket (at 60ºC) Tensile strength >8N/mm2
  Elongation >250%
  Heat shock test 120 ºC x 1 hour – no cracks
  Test voltage 1000 Vdc x 1 minute OK
Electrical characteristics
Resistance Conductor - Ohm/Km  
  Lo-Cap 55 36
  Flat-Cap 90 62
  Hi-Cap 125 27
  Insulation - M Ohm/Km  
  Lo-Cap 55 >5000
  Flat-Cap 90 >5000
  Hi-Cap 125 >5000
Capacitance Core to shield pF/m  
  Lo-Cap 55 55
  Flat-Cap 90 90
  Hi-Cap 125 125
Characteristics by stock code
Stock code 268-900-055
Description Van Damme Silver Series Session Grade Lo-Cap 55
Weight Kg/km 90
Stock code 268-902-090
Description Van Damme Silver Series Session Grade Flat Cap 90
Weight Kg/km 60
Stock code 268-904-125
Description Van Damme Silver Series Session Grade Hi-Cap 125
Weight Kg/km 60
Maximum reel length 100 metres  




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