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At Van Damme, we use only the finest materials in the manufacture of our cables. Below are a few of the materials we use, and why we use them...

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Red Series Plasma Grade video multicore Back
Van Damme Red Series Video multicores are 4 and 5 way versions of the Van Damme standard 75 Ohm coaxes. Designed for use in the Presentation and Broadcast industries, they are commonly used for the transmission of video signals such as RGBHV and RGB Sync over longer distances - up to 100 metres for analogue video signals. They are flexible but also very robust and are ideal for multiple rig and de-rig situations due to the attention paid to their construction, overall diameter and weight.
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  • Extended transmission of RGBHV and RGB Sync video signals
  • Can be used with confidence at 100 metres
Application notes
  • Suitable for SDI use up to 138 metres
  • Uses RG59 type crimp connectors
Transmission length guidelines
These transmission lengths have been calculated throughout to a maximum attenuation of -30dB at the frequency corresponding to half of the actual signal data rate for SMPTE 259. SMPTE and others advise that 90% of this cable length introduces an appropriate safety factor- the chart below includes an 80% safety factor as jitter and other factors can increase dramatically in the last 20% of a cable run.
SMPTE 259    
Data rate (clock) 143Mb/s 177Mb/s
1⁄2 Clock Rate 72MHz 89MHz
transmission length
222m 200m
Data rate (clock) 270Mb/s 360Mb/s
1⁄2 Clock Rate 135MHz 180MHz
transmission length
162m 141m
Mechanical Specifications - Individual Cores
Conductor Material Bare ultra pure oxygen free copper
  Stranding 7x 0.20mm (0.22mm2) AWG 24/7
Dielectric Material Polyethylene
  Average thickness 1.55mm
  Diameter 3.73mm ± 0.03
Screen Material Bare oxygen free braided copper wire
  Coverage 95%
  Dimension 16x9x0.12mm
Overall Jacket Material Flexible PVC
  Average thickness 0.70mm
  Overall diameter 6.15mm
Mechanical Specifications - Multicore
  4-way 5-way
Stock Code 268-314-020 268-315-020
Coax Colours Red, Green, Blue, Black Red, Green, Blue, Black, Cream
Material Flexible PVC Purple Red RAL 3004  
Average thickness 1.60mm 1.60mm
Overall diameter 18.0mm 20.0mm
Bend radius 15 x overall diameter  
Weight 373 Kg/Km 448 Kg/Km
Physical properties unaged
Jacket (at 60ºC) Tensile strength > 10 N/mm2
  Elongation >125%
  Heat shock test 150°C x 1 hour / No cracks
Electrical Specifications
Resistance Conductor 85 Ohm/Km
  Shield 13 Ohm/Km
  Insulation >5000 M Ohm/Km
Voltage test   7000V DC 1 minute OK
Capacitance   67 pF/m
Velocity of propagation   66%
Impedance at 10MHz   75 Ohms ± 2
Attenuation 10 MHz 4.21 dB/100m
  100 MHz 13.32 dB/100m
  135 MHz 15.08 dB/100m
  180 MHz 17.42 dB/100m
  200 MHz 18.36 dB/100m
  400 MHz 28.11 dB/100m
  743 MHz 38.31 dB/100m
Structural return loss
Characteristics by stock code
Stock code 268-314-020
Description Van Damme Red Series 4 way coax multicore
Overall diameter mm 15
Jacket thickness mm 1.5
Weight Kg/km 373
Stock code 268-315-020
Description Van Damme Red Series 5 way coax multicore
Overall diameter mm 26
Jacket thickness mm 2.5
Weight Kg/km 448
Maximum reel length 500 metres  



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