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At Van Damme, we use only the finest materials in the manufacture of our cables. Below are a few of the materials we use, and why we use them...

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Aqua Series Super Marine Grade data multicore Back
Van Damme Super Marine is an extension to the Van Damme SeaCat range. The data cable element is a Category 6 S/FTP type - individually foil screened pairs with an additional overall screen. The individual screening of the pairs gives excellent crosstalk figures and the potential to run mixed digital and analogue signals in the same cable. Category 6 rating also gives better headroom and therefore gigabit Ethernet signals will run over longer distances than with the Cat 5E SeaCat range. As with the SeaCat range 4 x OM3 multimode fibres are included in the multicore cables for 10G Ethernet use.
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  • Installed distribution of 100Mbs and Gigabit Ethernet
  • Integral 4 way OM3 fibre for 10G Ethernet fibre based networking
  • Installation in marine vessels, schools and colleges, government
  • Installation in public buildings, schools and colleges, government premises and marine vessels
Application notes
  • Cat 6 cables are solid conductor individually and overall screened type
  • Fibre is OM3 50/125µm multimode type
  • For patch panel to facility panel use due to the large overall diameter of the Cat 6 S/FTP element
  • Jacket material specified as the thermoplastic polymer SHF-1; compliant with IEC 60092 Electrical Installations in ships pt. 359 - Sheathing materials for shipboard power and communication cables
  • Fully tested and compliant with the following IEC standards
  • IEC 60332.1 Fire retardancy of a single cable
  • IEC 60332.3C Fire retardancy of bunched cables
  • IEC 60754.1 Amount of Halogen Gas Emissions
  • IEC 60754.2 Degree of acidity of released gases
  • IEC 61034.2 Measurement of smoke density
Cat 6 screened S/FTP element
Mechanical specification
Conductor Material Tinned ultra pure oxygen free copper wire
  Stranding 1 x 0.515mm AWG 24
Insulation Material Polyolefin
  Diameter 1.25mm ±0.07
Construction 2 cores twisted together with aluminium/polyester foil over; 4 pairs twisted to form cable core  
Colour coding TIA/EIA-568-B: White/blue; White/orange; White/green; White/brown  
Overall Screen Tinned copper braid ≥ 80% coverage  
Jacket Material SHF-1 LSZH thermoplastic polymer Ocean Blue RAL 5020
  Overall diameter 7.60mm ±0.30
Electrical characteristics
Resistance Conductor <95 Ohm/Km
  Insulation >5000 M Ohm/Km
Voltage test 2500V DC 2 minute OK  
Velocity of propagation 78%  
Time delay 5.40 nsec/m maximum  
Pair skew 0.40 nsec/m maximum  
Impedance 100 Ohms ±10  
Frequency Attenuation NEXT (Near End Cross Talk)
1 MHz 2.00 dB/100m 74.4 dB
4 MHz 3.80 dB/100m 65.3 dB
10 MHz 6.00 dB/100m 59.3 dB
16 MHz 7.60 dB/100m 56.3 dB
20 MHz 8.50 dB/100m 54.8 dB
31.25 MHz 10.70 dB/100m 51.9 dB
62.5 MHz 15.40 dB/100m 47.4 dB
100 MHz 19.80 dB/100m 44.3 dB
200 MHz 29.00 dB/100m 39.8 dB
250 MHz 32.80 dB/100m 38.3 dB
OM3 Fibre element
Mechanical specification
Fibre type Multimode; graded index 50/125 µm  
Core diameter 50.0 µm  
Cladding diameter 125.0 µm  
Secondary tight
Nylon; 850 µm ± 50  
Strength member Aramid yarn  
Jacket SHF-1 LSZH thermoplastic polymer  
Colour code White; Yellow; Green; Black  
Overall diameter 2.00mm ± 0.15  
Optical characteristics at 20º C
Wavelength Attenuation Bandwidth
850 nm ≤ 3.0 dB/km ≥ 400 MHz/km
1300 nm ≤ 1.0 dB/km ≥ 600 MHz/km
Overall jacket
Flame barrier tape Material Aluminium/polyester tape Al facing in
  Coverage >125%
Overall jacket Coverage >125%
  Material SHF-1 LSZH thermoplastic polymer
  Colour Ocean Blue RAL 5020
Physical properties un-aged
Jacket (at 60ºC) Tensile strength >9 N/mm<sup>2</sup>
  Elongation >125%
  Heat shock test 150 ºC x 1 hour - no cracks
Halogen Emissions 0.30% Halogen acid gases according to IEC 60754-2  
Characteristics by stock code
Stock code 278-464-400
Description Van Damme Aqua Series Super Marine SeaCat 4 way Cat 6 S/FTP/4way OM3 fibre multicore
Overall diameter mm 21.2
Bend radius mm 310
Weight Kg/km 463
Construction and lay up 4 x S-FTP Cat 6 numbered 1-4 assembled together with 4 way OM3 fibre to form cable core
Maximum reel length 500 metres





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