Abbey Road Studios

Van Damme Blue Series Studio Grade Multicore



“Van Damme has consistently delivered a quality cable solution to the Studios for nearly 30 years”

Simon Campbell, Head of Technical Service, Abbey Road Studios

Van Damme and main distributor VDC Trading’s relationship with Abbey Road goes back to September 1988, when VDC’s CEO Niall Holden made his first visit there. He recalls that the Pink Floyd live album The Delicate Sound of Thunder was being mixed at the time, and he was given a copy of the mix on CD – but he didn’t own a CD player…

Moving forward through the years Van Damme cable has been at the heart of several refits of Studio 1 (the main orchestral studio), Studio 2 (the iconic ‘Beatles studio’) and Studio 3.
Abbey Road’s most recent works, completed in 2017, saw the creation of a new build Dolby Atmos film soundtrack studio – The Mix Stage, two pop/rock recording spaces, and two new isolation booths within Studio 2. Van Damme Blue Series was specified throughout for the analogue audio signal paths, Green Series Digi Grade multicore for AES/EBU digital audio and HD Vision Flexible coax for HD digital video connectivity within the facilities.

On the audio side The Mix Stage features an AMS Neve DFC 3D Gemini Digital mixing console, Avid S6 console and 7 Pro Tools systems. A Christie 4K cinema projector and 20 foot wide screen handle the imagery, and the studio also has 3 cutting/green rooms.

Abbey Road also opted for Van Damme wall boxes with custom front panels for the comprehensive tie lines that run throughout the installation, providing a discrete wall mounted solution with plenty of room for terminations within the 100 mm deep frame.



2,300 METRES

Van Damme Blue Series Studio Grade Multicore



Van Damme HD Vision Flexible Coax