Dong Tien Church spreads the Word of God through Van Damme

Van Damme Distributor QV Sound has completed a sound system installation for Saigon’s Dong Tien Church which uses Van Damme cabling throughout. The 2500 m2 Dong Tien Church has a central aisle, left and right wings and a 24m high dormitory ceiling, and is one of the largest and most beautiful churches in Saigon.

Saigon’s Bishop Tran Thanh Cao said:

“The most critical element of Dong Tien Church is not in the beauty or the architecture or the landscape but in the sound system. The sound system needs to deliver the natural sound and clearly convey any single spoken Word of God.”

A typical church layout is a distribution system with multiple speakers hanging low just above ear-level. The result is the members of the congregation only hear the closest speaker, either from the left or the right hand side. The QV Sound team designed the speaker layout with a different approach – a ‘Left-Right-Delay Speaker System’. Using a computer equipped with EASE software, the system designer was able to re-construct the church as a computer model and calculate the optimum location for each speaker. Each hall and wing speaker system was set with two delay sub-stations that would enhance the speech intelligibility.

QV Sound’s Business Development Manager Mr. Quoc Nguyen explained:

“For the most impact, the message of God not only need to be heard clearly and naturally but it should be heard from the front and above.”

Bishop Tran Thanh Cao admitted:

“I have tried many options, layouts and plans from different sound companies but they did not come close to desired objective. Only QV Sound finally achieved it. Thank you for your professionalism and dedication.”

The QV Sound team designed the system using 22 QSC AcousticDesign Series loudspeakers driven by 16 Thousand watt QSC power amplifiers. For low end two QSC WL-Series passive subs, were installed. A variety of Van Damme Black Series speaker cable was used for connectivity, and the audio system also uses Tour Grade Classic XKE microphone cables and Pro Grade Classic XKE Instrument cables.

Sister Nhan, leader of the Church choir, also commented:
“The sound system is amazing. The vocals are so clear and the organ sound is so beautifully produced throughout the church.”