Moscow’s CineLab SoundMix Studios

Russia’s CineLab SoundMix studio complex is considered to be the flagship for Russian cinema audio post-production. The complex’s studios include three Dolby Premier mixing theatres, built around Avid System 5 consoles and Pro Tools DAWs, with one of the theatres recently upgraded to Dolby Atmos.

OM Network Owner Michael Tovkalo, responsible for the installation, explained:

“The whole setup demanded uncompromising signal quality. We have always found Van Damme cables extremely reliable which is why we immediately decided to use Van Damme cable solutions.”

Patch panels and dynamic processing devices were linked using Van Damme Green Series Digi Grade multicores and Van Damme Black Series Tour Grade 2 x 6.00 mm speaker cable connects the studios’ main monitors. The live recording studios’ tie-lines, which connect breakout boxes in the studios to the central control room, were wired with Van Damme Brown Series Starquad Multicore for excellent RF and EM interference rejection and sonic quality.

CineLab SoundMix Studios provides audio post-production for film, television, computer games and other modern audio-visual formats. In addition to the three Dolby Premier dubbing studios, there is a 5.1 mixing studio, two ADR/voice over suites, Foley stage, scoring stage, sound editing rooms, sound design studios and a music arrangements room.