New Van Damme 12G coax cables now available

Two new 12G coax cables have been launched in response to customer demand.

The two products are:

Van Damme 75ohm Enhanced Performance UHD Vision 12Ghz RG6

Van Damme 75ohm Enhanced Performance UHD Vision 12Ghz RG11

Both cables are based around the industry standard RG6/U and RG11/U respectively.  Their precision construction ensures that electrical performance is optimised, ensuring trouble free performance with 4K Single-link 12 Gb/s UHDTV, SMPTE 424M and 292M HD-SDI signals as well as SDI and analogue video.

Nick Chmara, VDC’s technical director, commented: “We know our customers have been looking for this type of cable for a while – so it made sense for us to meet that demand.  We’ve been working hard on making sure the new products hit the spot and expect them to be very popular.”

To learn more about these cables and their technical specifications, and to order, visit the VDC website.