Van Damme Appoints New Distribution Partners in Finland

Van Damme continues to expand its portfolio of worldwide distribution by appointing Custom Boards Finland as its official distribution partners in Finland.

Custom Boards CEO Kimmo Aroluma has known Van Damme Cables from his days as touring guitar tech.

“It think it was 2015 when I was touring with rock band HIM and we were doing a Festival Show in UK. I went to the Tour Supply booth to say hello to Al, who I knew before. He introduced me to Van Damme cables and gave me a contact so when I got back to Finland, I made my first order and have been using Van Damme ever since” says Kimmo.

Custom Boards’ business is all about building pedalboards and custom rigs, so according Kimmo “Van Damme really hit the spot for us. We had an experience of pretty much all cable brands out there but flexibility of the cables and overall sound quality was undeniable and Van Damme quickly got attention as a guitarist’s first choice as a signal cable.”

Things progressed from there. Custom Boards started to add more cables to their selection and eventually attracted enough attention to warrant being appointed the official Van Damme distributors for the region. They now carry all the necessary cables for guitar use including instrument cables, patch cables, cables for their “Cable Snakes”, MIDI and speaker cables.

Kimmo adds that “for us, Van Damme is a very natural choice and something that we can always rely on”