Van Damme at the heart of Studio 150 in Amsterdam

Studio 150, after 37 years of recording excellence, has now come to settle within the Bethlehem church on the Zwanenplein. The church’s spires look out over Amsterdam, between the winding canals and charming townhouses that the city is famous for.

The building’s lovely high ceilings and stained glass windows bely the eclectic mix of recording equipment, both old and new, contained within. Every room is furnished with a classic yet functional piece of kit that that can be integrated into the recording process; giving the Studio more of an air of a classic museum and love letter to audiophiles of all ages.

Beside the vintage amps, microphones, keyboards and Steinway D Concert Grand Piano pride of place in the control room is taken by a vintage SSL 4080 mixing desk which provides impressive viewing and recording clout. The building also comes with a zen garden, sound stage and kitchen – all wired for sound. The staff at Studio 150 strive to create a recording environment that gets you in the place you need to be to perform as best you can, without the technical distractions. It is this reason that has given it a huge waiting list of clientele waiting for it to finally open its doors later this month.

Tom Geenen of Studio 150 contacted Van Damme to rewire the studio for its move into the church. Emphasis was on an 8 channel cable that was super flexible with superb audio quality that carried both AES and Analogue signals. This would ensure futureproofing with a wider array of options for the studio in years to come.
1000 metres of Van Damme 8 pair Super Green was selected for these qualities: its uncompromising quality, sound fidelity and ease of use. The studio also made use of 100s of metres of the Van Damme Green AES series 1 Pair. After the initial install, Classic Quad Microphone cable as well as 2 x 6 mm Blue Series Studio Grade Speaker were used for the Studio’s various vintage mics and speakers.

Studio 150 did a comparison between various contending cable manufacturers – and Van Damme was chosen as the best sounding:

“We wanted good quality and Van Damme has proved to be that. Here at Studio 150, all the fine details were important. The Super Green cables were easy to install and solder all the necessary connections. Also, the Blue series speaker cable particularly is a major upgrade sound-wise for our vintage Luxman Hi-Fi set. Everything sounds great. We’re really happy with the cables!” enthuses Tom.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Studio 150 continue to pour their passion into the place and produce beautiful tracks and albums of all genres within the studio walls. With the likes of David Bowie, Prince, Corinne Bailey Rae, Al Jarreau, Def Leppard, Paul Weller and the Benjamin Herman Trio amongst its clientele, no doubt the studio will continue to attract the best of the industry with their world class facilities and skilled, dedicated team making audio dreams into audio reality.