Van Damme at The Rio Olympics

Van Damme UK Distributor VDC Trading Ltd. recently put in a gold medal performance for BBC Outside Broadcasts. The BBC urgently needed 2,000 starquad microphone leads for The Olympics, and VDC’s wiring team turned their order round in only 4 days, in time to meet the shipping date.
The cables were manufactured with Van Damme Tour Grade Classic XKE starquad microphone cables in 1m, 3m, 5m and 10m lengths, with Neutrik XLR connectors and the BBC’s preferred length colour coding and labelling.

VDC Technical Director Nick Chmara said:

“As always we were delighted to be able to be of service to the BBC. It’s nice to think a little of our product will be at the Olympics!”
Van Damme Tour Grade Classic XKE Starquad is specified for microphone and line level analogue audio signals, particularly in areas of high electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI and RFI). It is ideal for outside broadcast use and deployment in high interference areas close to lighting dimmer circuits and power feeds.