Van Damme cables provide strong foundations for South Korean record studio

An innovative mixing studio based in the Republic of Korea has chosen Van Damme as its cable of choice.

KLANG Studios, launched by award winning mix engineer Jong-Pil Gu, produces mainly K-Pop music but occasionally joins forces with both hip-hop and R&B artists.  It has also collaborated on songs for a TV series.

The formation of KLANG Studios was the obvious next step and challenge for Jong-Pil Gu after working in the industry for over two decades.  His previous role was as an audio engineer at SM Entertainment, the multi-national record company.

His philosophy focuses on the process of “creative-collaboration” between the musicians, producers, and engineers working on a particular song and also having the ‘right gear’ – which is where Van Damme comes in.

Blue Series Studio Grade Multicore Cable was used for the equipment connected through the patch bay.  For direct connection between equipment, XKE Microphone Cable and XKE Starquad Microphone Cable was selected.  Digitour Series AES/EBU & DMX 110ohm Cable was utlilised for AES/EBU or S/PDIF equipment

The project took three months to complete and was finished just before the global pandemic took hold.  Working with Gearlounge, Van Damme cables were selected because their overall resolution is far superior to other cables in the same price range.

Jonghwan Park from Gearlounge commented: “Creating music is becoming more and more accessible and it was a pleasure helping kit out KLANG Studios with first rate cabling.”

Jong-Pil Gu of KLANG Studios said: “I chose Van Damme cables specifically because of their warm and precise sounds and likes the idea of adding analogue sensibility to digital work.”

Adam Jafrabadi, export director at VDC Trading said: “With KLANG Studios there is enormous potential for even more creative and innovative sounds. I can’t wait to hear what the future holds for music. Jong-Pil Gu’s new venture has a great set-up to provide the perfect listening experience for all types of new sounds.”