Van Damme makes waves in the Toyota Factory in Berlin

Van Damme has provided its world renowned Silver Series cable, used by the likes of Jeff Beck and Dave Grohl, to be installed into the Toyota factory in Berlin Germany. The Van Damme was chosen for fact that the range is targeted at a low capacitance, of 55 picofarads per metre, allowing the cable to be paired perfectly to the equipment.

Where the Van Damme Silver Series range is at home in studio and even live settings, in this case the cable was specified for instrumentation and control purposes, to be used to link up control monitors to assess output and capacity to the machine arms on the factory floor. The requirement was for a single pair cable, with a large conductor size sound 18-20AWG, but with good flexibility and dual screens. Specifiers were struggling to find a cable in this vein within this traditional market; as their current German made cable was giving less than ideal results. They then reached out to the Export Team at VDC to try and find a solution.

Initially, the silver series was looked over but the samples that VDC were able to expedite to Germany within a day proved to exactly what was needed. In the Lo-cap, the conductive thermoplastic in this case was found to be favourable to be used in the warm and humid environment of the factory floor, protecting the silver plated ultra-pure oxygen free copper within. The fact that the clear PVC showed the plaited silver screen throughout also impressed, as the cable would be able to blend with the other control cables but be distinctive enough to be identified in the control rack at sight.

The key factor that the cable possessed, however, was the fact that the cable had an ultra-low capacitance. Testers were impressed as they strongly believed this resulted in a far lower propagation delay than the control cable they were using before; improving the issues of signal loss. The cable proved much more “reactive”, responding to higher frequencies with much reduced signal degradation and with 15% faster on average speed. The results were undeniable – even in this industrial application, the Van Damme Silver Series swept away the competition. The technical specifiers were also further impressed by the fact that that cable came with a limited lifetime warranty, meaning that they could be assured that the cable would continue to be a triumph of form and function for years to come.