New Distributors for Van Damme

Van Damme continues to go from strength to strength and further extends its global reach by adding new distributors for 2019 in both Mexico and Sri Lanka. Loto Audio, Mexico and Perstaff Holdings, Sri Lanka are the first distributors of Van Damme in their respective countries.

Both Loto Audio and Perstaff Holdings specialise in the exclusive distribution of Pro-Audio goods throughout Mexico and Sri Lanka respectively. With the addition of the two, Van Damme now proudly boasts 47 distributors across 35 countries around the globe. Stretching from the US to Thailand and Norway to New Zealand, Van Damme is truly recognisable, world-wide, as the finest professional B to B audio, visual and data cable available on the open market.

The addition of Van Damme distributors in Mexico and Sri Lanka comes shortly after Adam Jafrabadi was appointed Export Director at the company. Adam has managed to achieve impressive growth and development in the short time he has been in the position, demonstrated by his latest breakthroughs in the Mexican and Sri Lankan markets.

On speaking about his recent work building relationships overseas, Adam explained: “I’m really excited to be adding more distributors to the Van Damme family. The teams at both Loto and Perstaff have really hit the ground running, I think we can expect big things from them.”

Both Loto and Perstaff agree with Adam’s sentiments. With the team at Loto Audio recently visiting with Adam to ‘seal-the-deal’, spirits were high and all parties involved positive about the partnership going forward. Ramon at Loto Audio commented: “Twenty-Nineteen will be the year of Van Damme Cable in Mexico!”.

It is Van Damme’s first time distributing in both Mexico and Sri Lanka, so the markets were approached with some caution, but Adam happily reports that “the progress so far is very promising”.

Adam concludes: “Expanding the Van Damme family has always been a top priority for me. I’m thrilled that we’re able to extend our reach further across the globe and can’t wait to continue building more relationships.”