Audiosteps opens new HQ in Dresden

Van Damme’s German distributor, Audiosteps, has just opened new headquarters in the centre of Dresden, Germany.

The new offices, warehouse and professional studio for demo and 1:1 consulting sessions are based at the villa of the former Ministry of Fisheries at Albrechtsberg Palace.

As well as being a distributor, Audiosteps Commerce is also an online retailer selling a number of top-end pro audio brands.  Only two years after it was founded, Audiosteps Commerce already has customers in the studio and live music sectors and caters for a wide range of industries – from automotive to pharmaceutical.

André Freitag , business director at Audiosteps, commented: “Our new headquarters in Dresden provide a great location to build up our business and for customers to visit.  A key focus for us is strengthening our distribution brands like Van Damme and ensuring availability of these products in Germany. We have many customers who place their trust in us and the brands that we sell – such as  Van Damme cables, Schoeps microphones and Roger Schult – German audio lab components.  Audiosteps is there for them at all times.”

Adam Jafrabadi, export director at VDC Trading said: “We have built a very strong relationship with Andre and his team at Audiosteps since we started working together more than 18 months ago.  We are delighted to hear of the continued success of the business and look forward to visiting the new HQ!”

At Audiosteps, customers can now test Van Damme cables in the demo studio in Dresden or get a free 7-day demo package to their address in Germany.  Contact [email protected] for more information.