Sound By Design and Van Damme Deliver New Sound At The Royal Albert Hall

Audio Specialists Sound By Design have installed an EM Acoustics HALO-Compact PA system in the main Auditorium of The Royal Albert Hall, with Van Damme cabling supplied by London Distributor VDC Trading.

The changing nature of the RAH’s events in recent years required a more versatile audio solution. The system was trialled on number of events including “Singin’ in the Rain”, and ENB’s season of Swan Lake and Sound By Design’s engineers agreed that the HALO Compact was the right system, both aesthetically and acoustically, for the Hall.

Operations Manager Phill ‘Chappie’ Chapman explained

“All the signal infrastructure uses Van Damme cables by VDC and is well matched to the system we deployed. Their quality is excellent at a decent price and they are a reliable company who deliver when they say they will, due to retaining good stock levels. A lot of our work can be very last minute and VDC are good at helping us with that.”

Phill continued:

“We have worked with Van Damme cable for many years and in fact the previous system in the RAH was with Van Damme cable too. Much of that we have retained and reused with the cables running from an input panel at the back of the stage to a new amplifier room behind the organ.
In the RAH there are no direct cable routes to anywhere and over the years we have found most of the ways through. This time though we still found a couple of new spaces we didn’t know existed! We used both analogue and digital multicores plus Cat5 cables for data with tie lines to the rear of arena and to positions under the stage to allow for the addition of powered sub-woofers and conventional monitors.”