Voskhod – The Luxury Moscow Restaurant

A new Alexander Rappoport restaurant ‘Voskhod’ has opened in Zaryadye Park, one of the newest public attractions in Moscow. Rappoport is famous in Moscow for his already established, unique and immensely popular restaurants ‘Dr.Zhivago’ and ‘Beluga’.
The food at Voskhod is a contemporary yet authentic take on all aspects of Soviet culinary heritage. The restaurant is managed by Maxim Tarusin who boasts an internationally renowned career across Russia, China, the USA and France.
Despite its luxury aesthetic, the restaurant remains modern and fun with experimental menus and hostess uniforms in the style of space uniforms.
Russia’s distributor of Van Damme Cable, Sound Technology, are to thank for the cool and contemporary atmosphere in the restaurant. Sound Technology were responsible for installing audio and lighting systems, ensuring they complied with the specific restaurant aesthetic.
Elena (Sound Technology) explained:
“The restaurant ambience is created with a combination of background and concert sound, both within the restaurant and outside on the veranda.”
The restaurant boasts the highest-quality audio systems, a somewhat unusual install for a restaurant, but a seemingly up and coming trend across Europe and other areas of the world.
Tour Grade Classic XKE starquad microphone cable was used to connect microphones, amps and the mixing console. Tour Grade 2 core twin-ax was then used to connect ceiling and wall speakers as well as the external speakers on the veranda.
Lighting equipment was also installed, for which Smart control DMX 1 pair cable was used and TourCat Cat 5E employed for the matrix processor connection to the Internet network.
Elena concluded: “Van Damme’s ultra-flexible speaker cable enabled us to achieve a clean, harmonious, interference-free sound. Voskhod is a unique institution with a modern, sophisticated design, the kitchen of which is positioned as an authentic immersion in the Soviet culinary heritage. Van Damme cable allowed us to unlock the full potential of equipment, providing high-quality, reliable sound and lighting systems essential for the luxury venue.”