Van Damme at the heart of the beautiful Vøringsfossen Waterfall

In picturesque Norway, the land of breathtaking landscapes, it is hard to select a single landmark of exceptional beauty amongst them. However, the Vøringsfossen is perhaps the best known waterfall in Norway. Vast quantities of water here plunge 182 metres down from the Hardangervidda plateau to the Måbødalen valley. The waterfall and the dramatic transition between fiord and mountain plateau make quite an impression. Recently, a new bridge that allows tourists to take in the full glory of the the Vøringsfossen opened to the public.

VOSS LYD, Van Damme’s official distributor and partner in Norway was tasked with producing the event that would open the bridge to the public. The construction project has 4 stages. The 2nd has now been completed, which is the bridge itself. The other tiers are various platforms surrounding the waterfall, just on the edge of the 250m+ cliffs on the north side. Voss were tasked initially with producing the official opening of stage 1 in 2018 and are back now for stage 2.

Voss also had to overcome the new COVID-19 restrictions on capacity; hence there were only 100 seats for invited guests, but the event was professionally filmed and the footage is to become part of a documentary about the project once it is completed.
Part of the show happened “across the bridge” with performers positioned out in the terrain and on various lookout points and platforms surrounding the bridge. Performers also walked across the bridge itself and around the area during performances.

Voss selected Van Damme Cat6A Tourcat cable for all the networking. It’s tough and rugged design combined with ability to transmit Dante across distances of 100m + per hop made it the perfect choice. Classic Van Damme Microphone as well as Silver Series instrument cables were also used for the stage, due to their reliability, ease of use and of course excellent sound quality. Black Series Tour grade 2×4 mm speaker cables were used for all passive monitoring, and Black Series Tour Grade 12 Pair Multicore for VDM37 analogue multichannel lines. Van Damme were able custom manufacture and ship the VDM37 panels for the Midas DL stage racks for quick turnaround to Voss to make set-up fast and reliable.

Yngve Høyland, owner of Voss and lead engineer on the project was delighted with the outcome. “We consistently use VDC and Van Damme for all our cabling and custom wiring needs. With VDC we can trust that the technical standard is held consistently high, the workmanship is always amazing, the support is killer and most importantly the people at VDC are cheeky enough to call BS and suggest better solutions for our wiring challenges if the ones we come up with are not optimal” he explains. He continues “We are hell-bent for delivering quality services and helping our customers create performances and experiences that stand out from the rest. We do lots of work at weird outdoor locations – atop mountains, across rivers, in deep snow, ski slopes and remote areas. For that to happen we rely on partners that are creative and deliver stuff we can trust to work no matter the conditions. With Van Damme we have found a shared love for quality and creating solutions that didn’t exist yesterday”