Van Damme Cable Illuminates The Hague’s Skyline for Unforgettable NYE 2024 Countdown

In a symphony of lights, sounds, and sheer spectacle, Think! AV, assisted in orchestrating The Hague’s NYE 2024 countdown event. Nestled beside the scenic Hofvijver, with the Government building as its backdrop, the night unfolded with laser displays, fireworks and  DJ.

Our state-of-the-art cabling solutions were put into action behind the scenes, seamlessly weaving through various facets of the event – from audio to lighting control. Think! AV’s lighting engineer was on hand to choreograph the lighting and special effects, synchronised with a pre-mixed audio mix. Meanwhile, dedicated teams managed lasers and fireworks, adding an extra layer of artistry.

The event space was divided into three sections, each offering a unique visual and auditory experience. The front section, boasting a large LED screen and the impressive Funktion-One Vero VX set, captivated the audience. By the pond, 8x truss poles adorned with Funktion-One sound, moving heads, a CO-jet, and a flame blazer created an immersive audio-visual haven. Pontoons on the pond itself, adorned with IP-65 rated lights, big moving heads, strobes, and wall washers, turned the water into a canvas of light. At the far end, additional moving heads and lasers added to the visual experience.

Cabling Brilliance Behind the Scenes:

  • 4×2,5mm tour black 268-542-000 and 16x4mm tour black 268-545-01: Ensuring the speakers had great sound throughout the event.
  • 8x4mm tour black NL8 (Funktion-One Vero VX) 268-584-000: Delivered exceptional audio quality, enhancing the immersive experience through the Funktion-One Vero VX sound system.
  • 3P XLR 268-482-000: Provided reliable connectivity, ensuring flawless audio connections and contributing to the overall audio excellence of the event.
  • 5P DMX 268-620-000: Played a vital role in controlling lighting effects, adding  visual dimension to the countdown moment.
  • Ambipower cables (268-715-000, 268-466-000): Versatile cables providing the necessary power and flexibility to support various equipment and lighting requirements.
  • Ethercon reels cat6a 268-450-000 and cat5 2,5m patch cords: Facilitated seamless data transmission, enabling real-time control and coordination of the event’s technical aspects.

Thanks to the cutting-edge cabling solutions and the collaborative efforts of the dedicated teams, The Hague’s NYE countdown event was not just a celebration; it was a resounding success!