Van Damme Cable for Club Lantern


Lantern’s unassuming and sometimes hard to find location makes the club only that much more exclusive, and the minimalist vibe is a welcome break from the usual ‘in-your-face’ extravagance found in most of China’s super-clubs.

The Beijing DJ Collective, Acupuncture Records, own and manage the club, and are to thank for hosting some of the hottest nights in Beijing. They founded Lantern in 2009, which remains to be the only club in the area that largely features electronic music. Despite their proven dedication to the electronic scene, Lantern manage to cater to a wide range of music enthusiasts, offering styles from drum and bass to retro dance, and grunge to techno.

Amongst the 700sqm building, Lantern boasts 3 main areas, The Patio, The Box and the main room known as The Space, each often with their own sound and vibe. In 2019 Lantern celebrated its 10th anniversary, by upgrading their sound systems in two of the main spaces. The upgrade saw a Funktion-One PA system installed in both refurbished rooms. This install was achieved with the help of Phoenix Audio, Van Damme Cables Chinese distributor, where Van Damme cabling was used throughout.

Having established themselves as a popular music destination, with a reputation spanning 10 years, Phoenix Audio had to ensure they maintained the integrity and reliability of Club Lanterns unique sound. This was achieved by using Van Damme cable, proven globally as some of the best quality cable on the market. Van Damme Tour Grade Classic XKE pro-patch, Black Series Tour Grade 6×2.50mm multicore, Black Series Tour Grade 2×2.5mm 2 core twin-ax and Black Series Tour Grade 4×4.00mm multicore were all used in the clubs install.

Since the upgrade of Lantern, the club continues to go from strength to strength. Proving the popularity of the club, Weng Weng, manager and regular DJ at Lantern commented: “I’ve been DJ-ing for 21 years and I’m still in love with it. Here we start at 10pm, and where other clubs are empty by 3 or 4am, we last until 7.”