Van Damme for City Voice

In the capital of Russia lies the Moscow International Business Centre, known as Moscow City. The center is thought to be the first area in Russia to combine business activity, residential space and entertainment venues all in one development. Moscow City holds some of Europe’s tallest buildings. It is here that OKO (proudly the third tallest building in Europe) stands, and is where the unique karaoke restaurant, City Voice, resides.
City Voice is a luxury karaoke restaurant offering a fine dining experience of pan-Asian cuisine. Professional backup singers are then on standby, ready to make any amateur feel like a star for the night on their professional stage.
The karaoke portion of the venue boasts a Meyer Sound System and concert lighting. It is equipped with Evolution and Ast systems, 7 screens, 50 seats and a VIP room for the more exclusive events.
Van Damme Cable’s Russian distributor, Sound Technology, was brought on board to install the lighting and sound systems in City Voice, where Van Damme cable was used throughout.
Sound Technology commented: “It’s a place of completely unique atmosphere and individual design. The concept of an elite karaoke restaurant required the presence of professional and powerful sound systems and stage lighting, which Van Damme helped us to achieve.”
Van Damme Tour Grade Classic XKE Starquad microphone cable was used to connect amplifiers, processors, mixing consoles, DJ stands and microphones.
Speakers were connected using Van Damme Black Series Tour Grade 2 core twin-ax and Ambicore power & signal tour grade multicore cable.
Van Damme Smart control DMX 1 pair was then used for the installation of the state-of-the-art lighting set-up.
Finally, the LAN network was created using Van Damme Cat5 SF/UTP cable and Dante network – Cat 7 s/FTP. A total of 4.8km of Van Damme cable was used in the project.
Sound Technology concluded: “With the help of Van Damme Cable, we achieved the purest sound possible and installed a completely trouble-free system”.