Van Damme TourCat Cat 6A Multicore approved by Calrec

Renowned Broadcast audio console and equipment manufacturer Calrec have approved Van Damme’s TourCat 2 x Cat 6A F/UTP multicore for use in their Hebden Bridge client facility.

Amy Brennan, Technical Sales Coordinator at Calrec, commented:

“Hydra2 provides seamless, scalable audio networking of audio mixing consoles with routers and I/O interfaces, allowing for large numbers of inputs and outputs to be shared and controlled irrespective of location. Hydra2 does not compromise audio quality, performs with negligible latency and is founded on comprehensive, built-in fault detection and redundancy. Many of the world’s most successful broadcasters rely on Hydra2 infrastructure for live on-air application in both fixed and mobile installations every day.”

“However, these high levels of redundancy are only as good as the integrity of the physical network. I/O units connect to a Hydra2 router via a single RJ45 Ethernet connection or fibre link, and can carry 512 channels of 24 bit 48KHz audio in each direction simultaneously, along with control and error detection data.”

“As with all Calrec products, audio quality and product reliability are our top concerns. We are very proud that our lossless network transportation protocol does not compromise the high audio quality and maintains minimal latency. This is why we are pleased to be able to approve the use of Van Damme Ethernet cables in our customer facility at Calrec.
“Van Damme cables are strong, sturdy and flexible. Following extensive soak testing in our test department, they also proved utterly reliable. When it came time to refurbish our demo room we needed cabling which we can be confident in.”